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My Personal Weight Loss Secrets

In one of my earlier posts I told all my readers that this would be a general blog about not only my life, but my experiences and reviews of things I use in life as well. One of the biggest goals I’ve achieved over the past few years was losing a large amount of weight. Being overweight is something I had personally struggled with from childhood all the way up until my mid-20’s which is where I am today. At one time I weighed over 200lbs and didn’t have the energy to even go outside for a walk. It wasn’t until I read over this helpful Hubpages article about healthy soup recipes and found the first real diet tool that I thought might actually work for me! Within about an hour I was convinced and bought a great diet eBook totally focused on getting healthy with tasty soup recipes. I started making my own soups and before I knew it, was losing weight. Here I am today at a healthy 140lbs with a new taste and feel on life. If you’re struggling with being overweight like I was, consider checking out the same fat burning soup recipes which I used and you could be dropping the pounds too! You’ll find that this type of diet is the best for you because it doesn’t involve starving yourself or taking any kinds of pills. You eat just like you would any other time, only you work your way into eating healthy soups instead of unhealthy desserts or fast food.