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How to Preview Music on the Internet

Application programming has grown so much since one or two decades ago. I can remember the old days of using Napster on an AOL connection and it would take three or six days to download and jam out to one song! Thankfully, now we are in a totally new decade. An era of DSL and T1 up-links that come with two-digit download speeds and that means we can stream music, movies, games, and all kinds of things with zero problems! It seams like the minute which broadband links became the norm, the web changed forever. Since we can’t use programs like Napster to enjoy MP3’s any longer (at least, not with out paying money!) it’s able to be a great thought to just create and enjoy to your lists on the internet.

Online there are lots of great blogs that let you signup completely free and then setup your very own media lists which can be accessed at any minute. Because most newer phones and MP3 players include wireless service or connections it can be really simple to access your no cost list from just about all over. Incase you decide that you would want to take that initial step further you can even signup to some sites that will automatically suggest new artists which you can preview and listen to. So, what are these sites? Keep reading below and I’ll layout some of the best blogs you can join to create free playlists and preview no cost sounds on the web!

YouTube – It is probably the largest music movie website on the net today. Almost every person out there owns a Gmail account and that’s all you need to join YouTube and have the ability to create free media playlists. Because this company has just about every song on it you’re able to create play lists really easily!

DailyMotion – DailyMotion is also similar to YouTube. You’re allowed to create free accounts and playlists for as many videos you desire. The biggest downside is that the site does not have as many music videos as YouTube contains.

ZippyShare – ZippyShare is a wonderful website for previewing sounds on the web. The biggest downside to ZippyShare would be that they do not let you to create music playlists. On a positive note, ZippyShare does give you free file hosting so that you can host your own music files if desired!

4Shared – 4Shared is very similar to ZippyShare, although 4Shared do let you make playlists which ZippyShare does not do. You can find all genres of great music on 4Shared and I would recommend it right there with ZippyShare and MediaFire!

MediaFire – Similar to the other 2 sites directly above, MediaFire will host your own music files for free. However, they don’t let you preview the music on the internet.

The five domains above will be everything that you really need to discover and listen to music online. I would suggest you go and check them all out and create a free account at each one. This will give you the chance to go and setup multiple playlists for any genre of music you can imagine. I hope this post will help all of your music issues!